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...and those hard to reach places.

Battle Born Tree Trimming specializes in many different services. From trimming to removals to stump grinding, we specialize in a variety of different services to keep your property looking its best!


It can be difficult to reach certain areas with heavy equipment and machinery, and that's why we specialize in those hard to reach places! Battle Born has experience in climbing and trimming to ensure your trees look their best and your property is safe and secure.

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We take every measure we can to keep trees alive and well, but sometimes they just have to go! If you have trees that are too close to your dwelling, or are being nuisances in other ways, we're here to help! Battle Born also specializes in felling trees in close quarters.


Do you have an unsightly stump on your property? Give us a call! Stumps can be ground down to the base with a stump grinder.

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As we all know, the weather in Nevada is unpredictable. This can cause trees to fall and branches to break when you least expect it. Battle Born Tree Trimming is well versed in emergency removals. Whether for preventative maintenance, or after a severe weather event, we're here to help.

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